PHEDATON kitchen equipment manufacturer


PHEDATON is a kitchen equipment manufacturer from China, and mainly engages in manufacturing Commercial Dishwasher (flight type, rack conveyor type, hood type, and ultrasonic dishwasher).


We are good at CUSTOMIZING in accordance with the usage requirement and kitchen measurement, and this feature let our products can be found in every facet of the food service industry, hotels, restaurant, schools, government institutions, troops, and etc. We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 Certificate, AAA Credit Grade Certificate, Five-star After-sales Service Certification Certificate and CE certificate.


This year, our products have been reported by Singapore CNA TV station. Because our customized tray return machine and dishwashers run well and operate intelligently in Singapore hawker centers.


Besides commercial dishwasher, we also design and manufacture Integrated Fire Prevention & Fume Purification Ventilator, Disinfection Cabinet, and Stainless steel products.